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Among novices and experts alike, PHP's all-around ease-of-use and adaptability make it a top favorite when deciding on which scripting language to employ. There are many advantages to using PHP for web development, including its flexibility and practicality. Thus, hiring PHP developers is essential for software companies to develop dynamic web applications. For many years, we have managed a stable and competent PHP team that has performed hundreds of projects for our satisfied clients.

Hire Dedicated PHP Developers

    Why Should You Choose PHP For Development?

    • Development speed

      Many developers value PHP for projects because it increases development speed compared to other programs. Sometimes experienced developers prototype in PHP and then use other languages due to the speed of development when using PHP.

    • Dynamic ability

      PHP is very dynamic in the various functions it can perform. For example, it can be used for basic website functionality, such as accepting passwords and usernames, or displaying photos and galleries on your website.

    • Range of databases

      PHP is supported by a wide range of databases and is compatible with almost all servers in use today, making it easy to meet the requirements of your project.

    • Free use

      PHP is free to download and use, and has a large community of programmers around the world who continue to improve and innovate the language.

    • Scalability

      When using PHP web development tools, it's easy to scale websites or web applications, and it's also easy to customize them to meet the specific needs of your project, business, or company.


    PHP Technology Stack

    PHP frameworks

    Symfony 1.png




    Laravel 1.png




    Data storage



    PostgreSQL_icon 8.png




    SQLite 3.png















    Dedicated PHP Programmers Skills

    • Understanding PHP frameworks

      An application can be created using the PHP scripting language, which is highly functional and scalable. A variety of code libraries simplify the development process in the language by providing frequently used functions. Developers can significantly reduce the amount of original code they need to write when using these frameworks.

    • The ability to work with SQL/NoSQL databases

      Databases play a key role in successful software development, and you should hire PHP developers who fully understand relational and non-relational databases. Keeping and retrieving information is essential to a functional application. In this way, data can be stored and retrieved automatically, and applications can be developed more effectively.

    • CSS/HTML knowledge

      Frontend development relies on HTML and CSS. CSS ensures that web pages look good visually, while HTML allows developers to build out the structure of a website.

    • JavaScript hands-on experience

      The use of JavaScript is another pillar of frontend development along with HTML and CSS. A general purpose, layered, portable, open-source programming language, PHP is fundamental to any web application, allowing you to add interactive features. It is ideal to hire those with a basic understanding of JavaScript when hiring dedicated PHP developers.

    • Version control systems knowledge

      With version control tools, developers can keep track of changes to the main codebase and collaborate more efficiently. Hands-on experience with these tools is essential for multiple teams working simultaneously or sequentially on the same project.

    • High level of CMS proficiency

      Developers can create and manage a website using a content management system, offering custom themes for enhanced content management.

    Our PHP Engagement Process

    To ensure the success of your business, we offer a highly flexible and customizable hiring model. Make your dream project a reality by hiring a dedicated PHP web developer. And to better understand the model, it’s important to define the steps of collaboration.

    To best understand the model, it’s important to define the steps of collaboration.

    Technology and team requirements



    Start of work

    Technology and team requirements

    At the initial stage, you’ll describe as specifically as possible what you expect to receive as a result of partnering with us. Fill out the form listing the dedicated team members desired, their tech stack and seniority level, or contact us to schedule a call and discuss the details of your project. A team will be established according to your requirements.


    At this stage, we conduct an assessment and prepare appropriate team CVs for you. To select suitable specialists, you can look at code samples or conduct interviews.


    After selecting a team, it is significant to acquaint new employees with your corporate culture and policies, your in-house employees, discuss internal workflows, and introduce the tools that you use within your company.

    Start of work

    The team is ready to begin! You can either completely manage the team yourself or communicate only with the PM.

    Hire Dedicated PHP Developers

    You can choose the structure of dedicated software development teams, their experience and expertise.
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