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Dedicated QA Team

If you're a software developer or product owner, you already understand why comprehensive testing is so important. Software testing and QA are the most effective methods for ensuring the quality of your solution. A dedicated quality assurance team will confirm that your product is of the best quality, performance, security, and stability.
When you work with FDT, our QA and test engineers will assist in setting up an efficient QA process, testing your software and delivering a high-quality product within the agreed-upon time and budget.

Hire Dedicated QA Tester

    Dedicated QA Team Hiring Process

    To best understand the model, it’s important to define the steps of collaboration.

    Setting Goals

    Selection of Candidates



    Setting Goals

    Step one is to study the needs of our clients. Our specialists determine the required skill sets, experience, domain expertise, and timezone of candidates. Therefore, our dedicated quality assurance team is tailored to your exact needs.

    Selection of Candidates

    Candidates are screened by our recruitment specialists and those who fit your requirements are selected. Their CVs and video presentations are sent to you for consideration.


    An interview assesses the soft skills and hard skills of each candidate. You conduct interviews with the most qualified candidates and make the final decision.


    The experts can begin working right away once they understand their responsibilities and the specifics of your development process.

    Why Hire Dedicated QA Specialists?

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    Transparent processes

    Our team adheres to a fine-tuned process adapted to the client’s business needs and transparency standards. We build a relationship of trust with our clients by allowing access to all critical data. Also, our team offers flat, transparent pricing with no hidden fees or surprise “price ballooning.”

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    Maximum Mobility

    When it comes to providing quality assurance personnel to our clients, we have an absolutely agile mindset. We can provide you with a team of any size, support it, and change its headcount as needed.

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    Legal Protection

    As a company, we value our customers' business, so building trust is essential. To ensure 100% intellectual property rights to our clients, our QA team adheres to a strict non-disclosure agreement to limit access to confidential information.

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    Direct communication

    Stable communication is an essential success factor for any development process. Our Project Manager ensures continuous interaction and ongoing reporting for the entire development progress. You can also have direct communication with any of the hired QA specialists for higher product satisfaction.

    QA Automation Tools

    Web UI Testing


    Selenium WebDriver











    Unit Testing




    XCode Unit Tests







    API & Load Testing





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    Robot Framework





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    FAQs Before Hiring QA Specialists

    • When Do You Need To Hire a Dedicated QA Team?

      Through quality control processes, you can resolve any issues threatening the product's stability or performance, and be certain that the product serves your clients' needs perfectly.

      However, establishing an in-house QA team can often be one of the most challenging and costly endeavors of your business. In addition, finding qualified QA engineers can be difficult. It will take time for even the most experienced testers to adapt to your current operations.

      This is why hiring a dedicated software quality assurance team is probably the single most beneficial decision you can make about the quality of your product.

      In other words, you should definitely hire a dedicated QA team if:
      • You have a long-term and large-scale project;
      • There are no in-house software testers;
      • The existing QA team needs to be ramped up quickly;
      • Your priority is to focus on the core tasks and activities of your business;
      • It is necessary for your company to hire highly qualified QA specialists;
      • You need a team of committed specialists who are dedicated to your project.

    • What is a Dedicated QA Team?

      A ready-to-go QA team made up of QA specialists whose experience and skills fit perfectly with your needs can be quickly onboarded with this hiring model.
      You will be able to direct this team, and they will work exclusively on your project. A dedicated QA team works remotely, but you hardly notice the difference from an in-house team — the remote team participates in all project activities, such as daily meetings, project planning, and retrospectives.
      An experienced QA team can set up a QA process from scratch, create test documentation, develop testing strategies, write test scripts, and carry out all kinds of testing, including functional, performance, security, compatibility, compliance, accessibility, API, and others, all based on your needs.

    • What Does a QA Engineer Do?

      QA engineers perform the following tasks:
      • Studying and clarifying the requirements for the program;
      • Writing and subsequent refinement of test scripts;
      • Testing the software functionality;
      • Drawing up reports on any discovered shortcomings;
      • Analysis of the results and indicators of the tests;
      • Preparation of technical specifications for the elimination of defects found after testing;
      • Monitoring and tracking edits;
      • Conducting repeated tests to validate the absence of previous errors found;
      • Analysis and optimization of development stages to eliminate the causes of errors and avoid their recurrence;
      • Working with test documentation.

    • What Does an AQA Engineer Do?

      Our AQA experts have the following skills:
      • Understanding the principles of object-oriented programming;
      • Understanding how different frameworks work;
      • Knowledge of the syntax of programming languages;
      • Understanding of testing principles and design patterns.

    Hire Dedicated QA Specialists

    You can choose the structure of dedicated software development teams, their experience and expertise.
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