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Boost your online presence and business opportunities with our dedicated mobile application developers. We develop profit-driven and internal corporate mobile solutions to ensure a seamless user experience on all modern portable devices.

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    How You Hire Mobile Developers from FDT

    To better understand the model, it’s important to define steps of collaboration.

    Initial Request

    CV Scanning



    Initial Request

    You send us a request, specifying the number of front-end developers you need, their desired level of their experience, and the model of cooperation you prefer.

    CV Scanning

    Our manager performs preliminary scanning of our experts' CVs in the database and sends you those that are most relevant.


    You name the CVs you're interested in and let us know the time you're available for interviewing the candidates. We help arrange the interviews with front-end developers within days of your selection.


    Once you sign, the experts (led by us or your PM — you decide which) will immediately start working on your project.

    Our Approach to Successful Cooperation

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      Fast team adjustments on demand

      With our mobile developers in a dedicated team, you get the necessary resources in the shortest possible time.

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      Сontrolled progress

      Using KPIs such as cycle/lead time, team velocity, and deployment frequency, we monitor the efficiency of front-end developers. Besides full access to our reporting tools, you will also be able to track the progress of your projects at any time.

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      Latest tech knowledge

      To keep our mobile specialists' skills current, we encourage active participation in relevant tech conferences and webinars, and organize internal and external training sessions on mobile development tools.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • How do I hire dedicated mobile developers?

      You can hire dedicated mobile developers through agencies. In most cases, you need to submit a request or schedule a call and wait for a review of your request. After that, you are contacted for a one-on-one meeting to learn more about each other and the project. A shortlist of mobile developers' CVs will be sent to you by the team. To better understand the candidates' skillset, you can schedule an interview. You can either hire one mobile developer or a couple of developers. To avoid too much debugging, ensure the candidate has your preferred skills before hiring.

    • How do we communicate with remote mobile developers?

      Using multiple communication channels, we ensure that input, iterations, reporting, and maintenance services are clear to all parties. There are many ways to communicate with us, including Skype, Teams, Email, Zoom, Jira, Confluence, and Slack.

    Hire dedicated mobile developers

    You can choose the structure of dedicated software development teams, their experience and expertise.
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