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We build scalable, high-performance web applications with complex structures using Node.js. Our team of expert Node.js developers envision, design, and create web apps for your business needs. With over 7 years of experience mastering this technology and top-notch specialists on hand, we are ready to bring your software ideas into life.

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    Our Node.js Services

    • Custom Node.js development

      We help clients’ businesses unlock their potential by providing custom platforms, applications, modules, and more. Node.js solutions designed by our team have already powered hundreds of websites and have many satisfied clients across the world.

    • Data streaming

      Our Node.js experts have been developing and supporting data streaming platforms for many years. They know how crucial data streaming speed and quality can be. Using Node.js, it is possible to quickly process HTTP requests and get streamlined responses — this is vital for real-time video and audio processing.

    • Backend-as-a-service (BaaS)

      The biggest advantage of this service is that it allows clients to concentrate on the essential components, such as designing an appropriate user experience. Our team develops backends for both web platforms and mobile applications. Using this service is a great opportunity to save on both budget and delivery time.

    • Migration and application integration

      We help all our clients to follow the latest tech trends and broaden their potential audiences by migrating their products to more modern technologies, or from one operating system to another.


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    Advantages of Choosing Node.js

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    With Node.js, everything in the RAM of a server is done in one line instead of creating new threads for each new connection. One instance can support up to a million connections. As a result, software developers can worry less about the size of their projects.

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    Using the non-blocking environment of Node.js, web applications will be enhanced for faster performance and accessibility.

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    Stores bi-directional data in JSON

    Using JavaScript, Node.js allows server-side communication, and all the bi-directional data is stored in JSON format within browsers as well as on the disk without converting it into binary code.

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    Ease in developing real-time applications

    With Node.js web development services, you can build robust, enterprise-grade applications for various industries.

    Hire Offshore Dedicated Node.js Developers

    To best understand the model, it’s important to define the steps of collaboration.

    Development requirements collection

    Submitting a CV


    Signing an agreement

    Development requirements collection

    We will collect as much information as possible about your task, including the technical stack, the requirements, the start date, and the duration of the collaboration.

    Submitting a CV

    We will send you our Node.js developers' CVs during this phase, so you can best decide which ones are the right fit for your project. To start the process, it is crucial to collect the required information. It is our goal to provide you with the most suitable candidates we can — so the more knowledge we have, the better.


    We will begin a discussion once you choose one or more qualified candidates. The interview may be a human resources interview to assess any prospect’s soft skills or a specialized interview to test their hard skills.

    Signing an agreement

    During this phase, we prepare the agreement that includes payment conditions, requirements, and deadlines, among other things.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What technologies are used in Node.js development?

      We use web development technologies such as Express,, Sequelize, etc.

    • How can I find a developer suitable for my project?

      Once we understand your requirements, we can assign experienced Node.js developers to work on your project. You can conduct as many interviews with them as you see fit to learn their soft and hard skills.

    • Do you sign an NDA?

      Of course! And non-disclosure agreement and confidentiality clauses also apply to our developers.

    Hire Dedicated Node.js Developers

    You can choose the structure of dedicated software development teams, their experience and expertise.
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