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    Team setup process

    The dedicated remote team stays focused and works together until it fully meets the project obligations. When it comes to management, you can choose both options of managing the team — to oversee a dedicated software team on your own, or delegate it to the responsible project manager.

    To better understand the model, it’s important to define the steps of collaboration.

    Technology and Team Requirements



    Start of work

    Technology and Team Requirements

    At the initial stage, you’ll describe as specifically as possible what you expect to receive in the future. The more details you share with us, the faster we can assemble your dedicated team. Fill out the form listing the dedicated team members desired, their tech stack, and seniority level, or contact us to schedule a call and discuss the details of your project. A team will be formed depending on your requirements.


    At this stage, we conduct an assessment and prepare team CVs for you. To select suitable specialists, you can look at code samples or conduct interviews.


    After selecting a team, it is important to acquaint new employees with your corporate culture and policies, with in-house employees, discuss the internal workflow, and introduce the tools that you use within your company.

    Start of work

    The team is ready to begin! You can either completely manage the team yourself or communicate only with the PM.

    Technology focus

    Our dedicated teams work on a project using only modern and scalable technologies, implementing software exactly the way you expect it.





























    React Native



    What you'll receive by hiring a dedicated remote development team

    • Custom-built offshore development team

      Each team of remote software engineers is established based on a thorough study of the customer’s requirements. We understand that candidate negotiations should begin only after we have found the most suitable candidates for the long term.

    • Top talent for your software development project

      We are very serious about hiring dedicated developers. Our rigorous selection process covers the technical skills, communication skills and personal characteristics of each candidate. Therefore, you can be sure that only the best will work with you.

    • All the specialists you need in one place

      We have a vast talent pool! With 350+ people in the company, we will be able to assemble a full-fledged team for you with all the specialists necessary to expertly complete the project. There will be no need to contact other companies, because we will find any specialist for you — from a dedicated developer to a DevOps engineer. Everything you require in one location.

    • Self-managed offshore dedicated team

      Our specialists are well-versed in self-management, so you do not need to waste time on hourly control. A dedicated team will regularly provide reports and talk about their progress so that you have peace of mind about the software development process.


    What is a dedicated development team?

    A dedicated software development team is a group of developers, product managers, designers, quality assurance specialists, DevOps and project managers. A company hires such a team to perform its tasks, develop software and cover the shortage of technology expertise and specialists. Often there is no need to hire a team, especially if this is a short-term project. In this case, a dedicated development team comes to the rescue.

    Working with a dedicated team gives you access to the best resources we've put together. You will be able to choose the number of necessary specialists, their skills and technical background. Depending on the composition of the team and their experience, the price will be formed. For each dedicated project the team structure is different. You can choose the best option for yourself.

    Building a dedicated development team requires the perfect mix of roles, talents and skills, and the right work environment. Only in this way will your organization be able to successfully implement the project. If you have not yet decided what kind of specialists you need, we will be happy to help you with this.

    Hire dedicated development team

    You can choose the structure of dedicated software development teams, their experience and expertise.
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